Bryant, Bill 4:21

Celestina, Ed 4:55

Cerruto, Carlos Finished

Contraras, Lewis 7:45

Coughlin, Larry 4:02

Daniel, Clarence 4:56

Davidson, Chandy DNS

Davis, William 4:52

DeFronzo, Eugene 7:20

Digornio, Joanna 6:45

Germek, Elizabeth 6:35

Flinn, Daniel DNS

Fry, Edward Finished

Garcia, Anabel 4:25

Garcia, Samuel injured

Gondek, Michael Finished

Hall, Andrew DNS

Hall, Julie DNS

Haney, Jr. Finished

Hill, Tom 4:53

Hoffman, Harry 6:23

Huneycutt, Jamie 4:23

Huq, Aupala 6:35

Huq, Keenan 6:35

Jules, Bonnie 5:07

Kuhlmey, Juergen 4:59

Kunda, Christine DNS

Meints, Steven 3:59

Mendenhall,Quentin DNS

Moses, Ray Finished

Myers, Robert Finished

Myers, Sara Finished

Noelle, Hellen DNS

Nickle, Ken DNS

Preston, Robert 2:57

Reddy, Anathan 4:22

Rico, Heidi Finished

Rivers, Mark Finished

Sells, Sally DNS

Spinelli, Camila 3:50

Steffee, Geoff 4:00

Tippie, Matt Finished

Trejo, Carolina

Wailes, Bettie 6:46:47

Whitlatch, Jessica 5:39

Wilder, Matt 3:48

Williams, Giles 6:23

Yanetta, Jolanta 6:45



5K Winners!

Adao, Elizabeth

Alvarez, Jackie

Antonio, MariaEllice

Ashby, Dick

Baldwin, Kyle

Bennett, Susan

Boyd, Katie

Burrow-Sanchez, Swanya

Cabrera, Lucila

Calhoun, Kristin

Catanza, Astrid

Cortes, Alexa

Cortes, Ernesto

Crow, Kim

Delaplane, Ana

Delaplane, Clint

Delaplane, Pablo

Delaplane, Pedro

Delaplane, Rocio

Diekman, Jordan

Dimeglio, Barbara

Douds, Anne,

Douds, Doug

Douds, Gus

Douds, Sam

Duarte, Cinthia

Elder, Mary

Elgen, Vicky

George, Lexus

Gonzalez, Glenda

Hagen, Suzanne

Harris, Wanda

Haszto, Matt

Hersey, Lisa

Herzog, Amanda

Herzog, Tracey

Hok Tung, Hui

Hopkins, Ali

Hise, Amanda

Jean-Paul, Ralph

King, Robert

King, Jaxson

Korman, Sarah

Kuhlmey, Ingrid

Laurel, Jenn

Ludlow, Kim

Ludlow, Jake

Mayas, Anthony

McElwee, Steven

Myers, Tyson

Nelson, Jocelyn

Nicora, Annmarie

Nicora, Scott

Palacios, Jasmin

Patten, Stacy

Rassel, Katie

Reddy, Ragern

Reddy, Perushnee

Rios, Joel

Robinson, Danielle

Robinson, Dorothea

Rodriguez, Janet

Rosebrock, Joe

Runion, Suzanne

Salcedo, Jessica

Samson, Dale

Sanchez, Gustavo

Sanchez, Marco

Semonski, Alicia

Schutt, Angie

Shaan, Lori

Shestak, Mona

Shadrick, Stephanie

Stephens, David

Tanzi, Cynthia

Taylor, Winnie

Trotman, Tisha

Vasquez, Auita

Vasquez, Juan

Vasquez, Ana

Vergara, Edgar

Vieria, Natalia

Vieria, Maria do Rosario

Walker, Kevin

Winslow, Donna

Winslow, William

Wells, Cara

Young, Ramona

Sean Collins claims his Ultra Winners trophy!

THANK YOU FOR YOUR PARICIPATION and donation to Help The Vets, Inc. and our Breast Cancer project.  Please contact us if you believe your results are misspelled, incorrect or incomplete or should you want your results posted above.  Thank you to the City of Orlando Division of Families, Parks and Recreation and the City of Orlando for their most gracious grant to cover the costs of park rental!  *At the end of the time allowed for the grant money, we transitioned from Harbor Park to another course location outside of the City of Orlando and continued on federal property, some runners used their Garmins for distances and times, which were later verified and accepted.   This event is hosted by Help The Vets, Inc. a 501(c)(3) non-profit veterans charity and all donations are tax deductible.  Veterans Emergency Blood Bank and American Disabled Veterans Foundation  which helps homeless and disabled veterans is also a sponsor.  All proceeds, after costs, will provide a benefit to help 1.) Breast Cancer Outreach Foundation, Inc. a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity that raises money for a breast cancer vaccine and global screening for breast cancer and 2.) Vets Fighting Breast Cancer, a d/b/a of Help The Vets, Inc. 

Florida Ultra Runners (FUR) members at a cold start early March 2015. 

March, 2015 Race Results:

Thank you to Orlando City Commissioner Robert Stuart for passing out trophies to all Winners who finished.  Photo with race director and 5K Winner Ramona Young.



Abad, John 30

Ballestros-Courtney, Chris 56.5**

Bushy, Andrea

Collins, Sean 35

DuBois DePerty, Bernadette 55.3

Foss, Allyson 51

Freimuth, Jocelyn 34.4

Harne, Jason 50

Hobbs, Jimmy 50

Johnson, Eric DNS

Kellett, Steven 42.5

Perry, Larry 43.7

Royston, Joel 55

Schroeder, Jim 30

Schroeder, Sarah DNS

Troxel, Tim 32.5

Westberry, Marisa 17.5

Wilder, Nicole DNS

**Most miles received a belt buckle from a WWII Vet

November 12, 2016 Results:


Half Marathon 


Half Marathon, and 5k!
 American Legion Post 112
  Saturday, November 11, 2017

4490 N. Goldenrod Rd. Winter Pk, FL 32792

November 15, 2015 Results:


Half Marathon



Aburto, Marcela Finished

Ackley, Andrew 1:25

Almond, Callie DNS


Ankli, Margee DNS

Arredondo, Gabriel 1:51

Avery, Kim Finished

Avery, Ron

Basta, Dana 2:10

Beebe, Kerry Finished

Bennett, Meredith DNS

Blehl, Mary Finished

Boucher, Erica DNS

Bourgeois, Ashley 3:18

Bowman, Angela Finished

Broekmeulen, Eliz 1:59

Brooks, Meek

Buchanan, Megan

Buhr, Gavin 1:59

Bush, Esther DNS

Cador, Danielle 2:53

Cangialosi, Charles DNS

Cass, Neal 1:59

Catig, Raul 1:59

Christensen, Hans 1:34

Cloutier, Jan DNS

Colombres Garmendia,    Monica 2:40

Connelly, Terence DNS

Cooper, Tracy 2:43

Crane, Jason Finished

Crawford, Lisa

Cross, Cyndi DNS

Dalton, Christine 2:48

DeAngelis, Anne 2:15

Delaplane, Henry Finished

DeNato, Alissa Finished

Dzurino, Haley

Edens, Dawn 2:35

Eichhorn, Joe

Elder, Kathryn

Elder, Robert

Enders, Tamara 2:20

Erekson, Brittany 1:39

Falvey, John 2:01

Garrison, Jonathan

Gomez, Annie

Goodwin, Brian 3:20

Graham, Cherise Finished

Green, Lawence 2:10

Grench, Kory Finished

Guiliano, David 2:13

Hansen, Becke

Harrison, Finished

Hicks, Melanie 2:10

Hockenbury, Howard 2:19

Huayamave, Xavier

Izaguirre, Pablo Finished

Jones, Natalie

Johnston, Lisa 3:22

Jordan, Lucas 2:40

Kaaa, Kathy Finished


Keith Finished

Kemp, Jen 1:43

Kern, Louisa

Kennedy, Jessica 1:59

Klochko, Vasiliy 2:21

Koblasz, Margarita DNS

Krannebitter, Gerald Finished

Kreil, Junella Finished

Kulati, Al Finished

Lee, Elaine Finished

Lee, Georgina 2:06

Lewis, Kathy 3:21

Lollipop, Polka Dot ??

Lori, Luke 2:13

Lund, Suzan 2:12

Madden, Anne

Maley, Jessie 3:18

Mallas, Jessica DNS

Mann, Lynnmarie

Mariani, Juliana DNS

Martello, Dianne Finished









MartinezPastur, Esteban 2:49

McCaffrey, Caitlin DNS

McCullough, Lana DNS

McDermott, Ellen DNS

McLachlan, Christy

McLachlan, Shannon

McLeach 2:21

McMurray, Megan DNS

Miklosovich, Suzanne

Monroe, David 2:12

Morris 1:50

Moses, Alice Finished

Mower, Amber Finished

Myrick, Natasha 1:53

Neuman, John DNS

Nickle, Gabe 1:40

Nowells, Johnnie DNS

O'Hara, Megan 1:46

O'Leary, John 2:15

O'Neill, Lauren DNS

Oliphant Marriott, Carey Finished

Olivares, Erika

Padilla, Emily DNS

Patino, Yahaira DNS

Pellem, Loretta DNS

Pendergast, Matt 1:35

Pendergast, Rebecca Finished

Pereira, Ana 3:22

Perry, Larry

Portwood, Brittany Finished

Portwood, Ian Finished

Pugsley, Linda Finished

Purdie, Keith

Quintana, Jeana Finished

Ragehi, Reddy Finished

Redor, David 2:25

Reuter, Michelle 2:36

Renneke, Brad 1:51

Richard, Terri 2:20

Riesterer, Eric 1:25

Rincon, Victoria Finished

Rodriquez, Alberto 1:47

Rooks, Tina DNS

Rutherford, Meghann Finished

Russell, Mark 1:56

S., Becky DNS

Salou, Mohamed 2:33

Sears, Charlene Finished

Schwab, Brenadette Finished

Shanahan, Joyce DNS

Shepard, Amanda 3:01

Sinka, Lindy Madden DNS

Skipper, Julie 2:14

Snow, Carole Finished

Smith, Alexis 2:10

Smithey, Jim DNS

Sobering, Cheryl DNS

Staples, Karilyn 3:10

Staples, Peter2:35

Strack, Chelsea Finished

Szentmiklosi, Melissa

Taylor, Savannah

Taylor, Rod

Tanner, Swenja 2:15

Teralugno Finished

Torreano, Jason 1:49

Thies, Heather

Tindell, Doris Finished

Vanderwende, Debra Finished

Villarreal, Nicole

Wasserman, Peter 2:47

Wasserman, Jenny Finished

Walker, Brian DNS

Walker, Kellie DNS

Walters, Debra

Walters, Natalie

Wong, Jason Finished

Wong, Kristin 2:16

Wooten, Stacie 2:44

Yandre, Michael DNS

Zegers, Jonathan DNS

Ziegler, Justin Finished

Zurawski, Jon DNS