Half Marathon, and 5k!
 by HelpTheVets, Inc. & American Legion Post 112
  Saturday, November 11, 2017

4490 N. Goldenrod Rd. Winter Pk, FL 32792

Orlando Troop 6 Boy Scouts present the flag.

City Commissioner Stuart and Park Board Rep Kim gave out trophies and congratulatons.

Ladies running Bea DePerty Dubois and Chris Ballestros-Courtney.

Doug Cooper helps Ramona Young with registration (far left).  Rev. Dr. David Stephens, Marathoner, gives the Invocation. Orlando   Commissioner Stuart gives a trophy to a breast cancer survivor (right).

Harry Hoffman gives hugs for luck along the course .                                                           56.5 miles to win the 12 hour.     

                                                                                                   is the link for November 15, 2015 photos! 

https://www.flickr.com/photos/120204589@N03/ for March 2015 photos.  You can enlarge your photo, transfer it to Facebook or print it on a printer.  If you have questions, please contact Scott.  His cell is 407 947-9722. scott@telesisservices.com